james steer picJames Steer joins the HIGHWAVE project as a post-doctoral research assistant based in University College Dublin's Wave Group headed by Professor Frederic Dias.

After receiving his Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering at The University of Liverpool, James studied at the Wind and Marine Energy Systems Doctoral Training Centre, leading to a PhD at The University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Dr. Ton van den Bremer, and Professor Alistair Borthwick. During his time in Edinburgh, James used a combination of laboratory experiments and theoretical models to investigate the evolution of unstable water waves that can lead to extreme, or 'rogue', events capable of causing catastrophic damage to ships and offshore structures. As well as in Edinburgh, James completed wave-current interaction experiments at University College London, and investigated the effect of directionality on wave stability at the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility. James will now be moving his knowledge of extreme waves in the laboratory to the west coast of Ireland.