Part of the HIGHWAVE project is to harvest real-time data in situ to build more robust and accurate models.

rosnamhil 1Analysing the data is one part of the job, but harvesting it is another and a very important one. When one spends time at the desk in the office, it can be very beneficial to go and see and participate in data gathering.

The process is not as easy as some might imagine. There is a vast amount of preparation that comes even before going out and collecting measurements. Good spots need to be picked; therefore, the area needs to be explored. Instruments must be assembled and tailored to suit the environment. Every detail can become crucial once in the field. From right location for the weather station, to preventing the camera lens getting rain and sea water drops on it.

Mobile Research Station StoreHighwave Mobile Workshop Module (MWM) is an essential component of Highwave MRS. Based a few kilometers away, at walkable distance from ferry port on the Aran Island, it moves with the research station. Energetically autonomous, the MWM is equipped with solar panels, wind turbine and a 7 kw standby diesel generator. The container will also be equipped heavy tools such as pilar drill, welding equipment, tool chests, electronic & soldering kits. A galey will offer a very minimalistic yet recomforting space to shelter when from the cold in winter.

It's also a garage for our Suzuki 750cc Kingquad, real heavy weight worker, a.k.a. "the donkey" the quad will be used to move around the island equipment such as batteries, intruments, telecoms, etc...

Mobile Research Station 3

The design of our Mobile Research Station is progressing well and the terminology MRS is gradualy adopted by our team. The MRS will be composed of several modules, each module will be a different container so we can dispatch them on the Aran Islands as needed. The Research Module will be used for our instruments and also waves observations. The weather conditions on the Aran Islands are pretty rough and we will need to shelter in winter.

The research Module will host our instruments but also our telecommunications. Highwave is about realtime data, when collecting data in very hostile environment, time is everything, a wave could wipe out our equipment and our data would be lost forever...

We have started the design of a Mobile Research Station, it will be fabricated locally on the west coast of Ireland recycling a 10 ft container. Since we have MRSto be able to deliver the MRS in the remotest possible areas of the Aran Islands, it will be seating on a trailer. But once in location the MRS module will be be jacked up and will stand on steel legs.

The MRS module works in tandem with a workshop module hosting a state of the art meca / electronic workshop, a quad, a trailer, etc. The workshop is a refurbished 20 ft container that once brought from China, ended its life in Irleland... More on this soon, keep reading...