With the pandemic restrictions finally being eased, it was possible to arrange a field trip for a few team members. Claire and Tatjana have joined Arnaud on the island on 13 and 14 May to work on the new weather station.

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20210513 103729 ConvertImageThe first day started with the inspection of the wind generator on the Mobile Research Module (MRS). One of the  locals had indicated that the wind generator was not moving earlier. This is another aspect of UCD outreach and community engagement  - it is nice to know the community of Inis Meain is keeping a watchful eye on the station and the workshop. The inspection revealed that there was no issue with the generator, however, we were dumping electricity and it was decided to stop the generator for the time being. In other words - we were producing more electricity that we could store or use. Again - it is a good sign, meaning we have all the power required for the current needs.

Next, the Guralp sensor inspection was carried out. Everything was in order with the sensor, and plans on equipment retrieval were discussed. The challenges of real time data measurements in hostile environment is directly related to careful and precise planning of all outdoor activities.

20210513 135453 A first test assembly of the weather station took place in our Workshop Module - to   ensure all tools required, or any unexpected issues could be   dealt with at the workshop, and not at the MRS where we   only have limited tools available. And this was the right   decision! Surprisingly the manuals available did not fully   match the station delivered - and assembling the mast and   the instruments together was a bit like completing a puzzle   without the picture :) Some adjustments had to be made to   the mast itself - to make it more stable and rigid. Finally, the   mast was equipped with all the instruments (the rain bucket   is at the bottom together with the solar panel). 

Next task was to wire the instruments, and connect it to the data logger. Unfortunately, the wires supplied with the weather station did not match the busbar in the cabinet. Despite that it   was possible to establish the correct way of wiring the cabinet, but as it was impossible to connect the instruments - the software setup could not have been carried out. 

However, the transport of the mast from the workshop to the MRS was successful. And on the second day of the trip it was transported and mounted in the field above the MRS.  

Next steps will include attaching the instruments and setting them up, once the wiring issue is resolved.  More on this soon, keep tuned!

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