Teledyne Maritime Technology Workshop
WHEN:10-06-2019 - 10-09-2019
WHERE:San Diego, CA, USA
Teledyne 2019
Pr Frederic Dias will present a statistical analysis of nearshore waves observed during two major North–East Atlantic storms in 2015 and 2017.

Prof. Rónadh Cox, of Williams College and University College Dublin’s Earth Institute, led a field trip to coastal boulder deposits on Inishmore on August 1st 2019. Prof. Frederic Dias’ wave group joined the diverse group of geologists, geomorphologists, geographers, engineers, mathematicians and park rangers on this trip. 


INQUA, the International Union for Quaternary Research will be holding its 20th congress in Dublin between 25th and 31st July 2019. Mary Robinson will officially open the INQUA 2019 Congress on Thursday 25th July. The scope of the INQUA2019 Congress will range across all areas of Quaternary research.

Pr. Ronadh Cox, Williams College (Massachusetts, USA), University College Dublin’s Earth Institute, will present: "Storm-wave movement of megagravel, and formation of imbricated boulder ridges: evidence from Froude-scaled wave-tank experiments" (Authors: Rónadh Cox, Louise O’Boyle, Frederic Dias, Jacob Cytrynbaum). Ronadh Cox will lead a field trip to coastal boulder deposits on Inishmore, July 31st.

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Programme of the INQUA 2019 Congress