For the past few months, we have worked with a different breed of scientists. Without any hesitation, we have taken the time to share our passion for science and encourage the pupils of Coláiste Naomh Eoin. The results were well worth it as it turned out Chloé, Máirtin and Amy scored in the BT Young Scientists challenge... 

Claire and Tatjana talked about Math and provided help to plot some nice data and I talked about what? But Engineering of course ;-) - A member of the jury even said I quote: " They were very taken, and INSPIRED, by the research being conducted on the island by yourselves. It was fabulous to see and I thought you should know of the positive ripples that your research project is having on the island. They spoke of you Claire, and Arnaud and Tatiana, very positively and credited their lovely graph to you"

There are days when we struggle because such or such instrument has not been reporting as it should have had, because this article is not progressing fast enough, because the storm is arriving too fast and we are not ready to record its magnitude... And there are days like this one, when you're told you've made a difference...

Well done Coláiste Naomh Eoin, well done Chloé, Máirtin and Amy... way to go lads... iontach!

Colaiste Naomh Eoin